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Positivity Week 5: Embrace the Moment like you Chose it

Over the next 12 weeks, I will be presenting an aspect of positivity or mindfulness for us to focus on. These are all topics that I am working on myself and focusing on myself to achieve a happier mindset and calmer state of being. I’ll have a blog post each week and then quotes on my social media networks to support that week’s theme. For more support, join my Positivity Facebook Community. The 12 weeks will all be on my Positive Thinking Page.

Welcome to week 5 everyone! This week’s positivity theme is a very close follow up to week 4’s theme of staying in the present moment. In last week’s post, I explained the benefits of keeping your mind focused on what you are doing and not letting it wander unattended to thoughts of the past or future. And by keeping your mind focused, you train it to stay in a positive space rather than running off with fears or anxiety. If you haven’t read week 4’s post yet you can catch up with it right here.

This week’s add-on theme is about keeping your personal power in every moment so you don’t feel out of control or fearful. Sometimes we get busy days where things just don’t go smoothly. And we can start to feel nervous, anxious or fearful in the process. The single events of the day can feel like they are accumulating into one big stress ball.

This week is about keeping your power and calm, moment by moment and not allowing that accumulating feeling to happen.

Embrace the Moment Like You Chose It

We will continue to keep our minds focused on the present moment and not allow it to go around to negative thoughts. But what happens when things seem to find us and we are dealing with difficult or stressful situations?

The best thing to do then is to embrace the moment like you chose it! Don’t stress, deal with the challenge at hand as if you chose for this to come around. Focus your mind on the positive aspect and stay present in the moment you are in!

Don’t wish for it to be over, don’t feel the victim. Take your power back by embracing each moment like you chose it. Take learning from the moment and look to the positive from the moment.

I shared the story below on Cuddle Fairy’s Facebook page but want to share it again here for those of you who don’t follow me on Facbeook…

My Story

I want to tell you a little story about the first time I used this technique of embracing a moment like you chose it.

With my first two pregnancies, I felt a lot of pain and felt like things were out of control during labour & delivery. With my first, I felt panicked and had an epidural. With the second I wanted one but there wasn’t enough time I was told so I had to go without.

I felt such fear and felt so out of control with his labour and I worried how bad the pain would be or how much worse it would get.

By the time my third was born, I had begun practicing positivity and focusing on my mind and thoughts.

I went into the end of my pregnancy with the idea that I’d go with the flow & take meds if need be. I didn’t have any pressure on myself. But I wanted to try taking control of my thoughts.

For the last two weeks of our daughter’s pregnancy, I kept starting contractions that would last for hours and be regular then they’d just stop. It was a real nuisance.

I was held at my hospital check-up because they could see these contractions and they decided to keep me in overnight. Despite their best efforts, the contractions stopped again that night.

The next day it was the same thing – starting, stopping, driving me crazy. Then finally that night the real contractions kicked off.

I kept saying to myself, “I asked for this pain, the pain is good.” Over and over and over and over for hours. I didn’t fight the pain. I wasn’t afraid of the pain. The pain was bringing my baby girl to the world. I had prayed and prayed for the labour to start and it had – so I had asked for this and I was given it.

That was my mantra and focus for the intensive part of the labour and her delivery.

And I tell ya what – it made all of the difference. With the boys’ labours, I was in fear and I fought the pain, I fought the moment I was in! I was wishing for it to be over, wishing for the baby to come, wishing for the future to get here fast.

With our daughter I embraced the moment, I faced it like I chose it, I focused on the good that was coming from it rather than the pain.

I’ve used this same technique in everyday life like doing the dishes at 10pm. I’d normally feel quite agitated that the day got so away from me that I was having to do dishes that late at night. Instead, I focus on the good – of everything I accomplished that day or whatever good I can take from it and embrace doing the dishes at 10pm like I chose it!

What a relief it is! To not feel that agitation. The dishes have to be done whether I’m agitated about it or not. By embracing doing them then they are done with ease and joy.

Staying Calm

Along with embracing each moment like we chose it, this week I want us to not allow moments to accumulate. This goes hand in hand with keeping in the present moment. But some days seem to be tough days. This happens in our minds when we feel like “one thing after another goes wrong.” We have all had these feelings.

But if you allow moments to accumulate onto you like that and allow yourself to feel like things are piling up then stress and upset builds inside of us as we carry agitation from one moment into another. And the agitation string keeps going and going all day long. And things keep being difficult. Yes, there are external factors that are out of our control but a lot of this feeling of one thing after another going wrong is coming from within us. From that agitation string that we are carrying with us and stringing along throughout the day.

Don’t take the stress from one moment to the next to the next until you are a ball of stress and all of these moments have accumulated into a difficult day. That’s when we get overwhelmed and that’s when stress, fear and lower energies get the better of us.

Instead of carrying agitation from one moment to the next, let’s try releasing the feeling of stress. Take a minute to sit and feel the stress inside of you and focus on the feeling, feel the stress. Then let it go, push it away, imagine it floats away or is exploded away. Then let yourself feel calm. You can imagine a beautiful light shining on you or imagine you are in a beautiful garden. Focus on your breath, wipe the slate clean from the stressful moment and start the day fresh again from in a new moment. Follow this simple step to quickly re-center yourself anywhere, at any time.

After you release the stress and calm yourself, walk forward to the rest of the day in a calm state with your power intact. And if something else pops up that’s stressful, take it as a single event – own the moment like you chose it. Deal with it. And if you feel stress after it’s over, take a minute to calm and release the stress again. Handle each moment as it comes to you.

Look at each moment as an individual, unique moment.

Keep your power.

Own the moment you are in.

Embrace the moment like you chose it.

Stay in the present moment.

Don’t bring energy from one moment into another.

I have quotes lined up for you this week that focus on embracing the present moment and releasing stress so you aren’t carrying one stressful moment into the rest of your day. Follow Cuddle Fairy below & join my positivity community for so you don’t miss out of this week’s positivity. xx

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