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Saving Money while still doing the Things You Love this Easter Break

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In light of recent price hikes from fuel to food and everything in between, saving money and being mindful of spending has become more common practice. Thankfully, there are lots of ways we can save money without having to sacrifice any fun or luxury in our lives!

Around the home, there are simple DIY things you can do to save money like changing to LED light bulbs or replacing old appliances with energy-efficient ones. These changes are simple and don't affect your lifestyle at all.

We can also make swaps in terms of what type of holidays we take or what type of car we drive. Simple changes like those can be a big impact on savings over time while we can still enjoy ourselves at the same time because life is for living!

When it comes to eating out and enjoying ourselves with entertainment, there are easy ways to save by getting discounts through tastecard.

What is tastecard?

tastecard is a subscription-based app that covers the UK & Ireland. It offers incredible dining, attraction, and cinema discounts. It is tastecard's mission to scope out the best deals to save you time and effort! It will make the perfect companion this Easter break when you are out and about with the kids, enjoying the Spring and time off.

tastecard has thousands of restaurant special offers as well as deals on coffee, pizza delivery and attractions such as amusement parks, movies, and aquariums. There have loads of lunch deals london as well as all over the UK and Ireland. It can be used any day of the week! You simply check the app and the individual deal on offer from the restaurant or attraction.

What is handy is that tastecard is an app. So you don't need to carry on a physical card, you simply download the app and you are away!

Eating out vs Ordering in

Sometimes eating out is a real treat and sometimes it feels nicer to order in instead. The big debate on whether it is better to eat out or order in can be tough to decide. Eating out gives you atmosphere, social interaction and variety. Whereas eating in is often less expensive, you don't need to wait for a table and it can be more relaxing especially if you have kids. But of course for special occasions, cooking lobster tails will never disappoint.

But I think we can all agree that no matter where you get pizza, whether it is at home or at a restaurant - it is a real treat. Thankfully tastecard has a load of great offers on pizzas for takeaway and at top restaurants around the UK and Ireland.

Tips for eating out with the Family

Dining out is meant to be a really fun and relaxed experience. But sometimes when we have kids in tow, it can get a bit stressful and take away some of the fun. Children don’t enjoy sitting still for long periods of time, waiting for food to come, or being quiet. So, keeping everyone happy & calm in a restaurant can feel like hard work for parents.

The whole point of eating out is to have a break from cooking & to enjoy yourselves – not to inhale your food before the toddler kicks off. With a little planning ahead & a few tricks, you can all enjoy your meal out!

My top tips for eating out with kids are:

  • Tell the kids in advance what you expect from them in the restaurant.

  • Pack a bag of tricks to keep them entertained (ideally things they don't have every day).

  • Bring a well-stocked nappy bag with all essentials including wipes and snacks in case the children don't like the food at the restaurant.

  • Ask for the kid's meals to come out first or with the starters.

  • Allow your toddler to sit on your lap until the meal comes and then put them in the high chair.

  • A little bribery of ice cream or dessert for good behaviour never hurt anyone!

I wish you a really joyful and fun Easter break! Let me know in the comments what your plans are for the holidays and if you will be eating out with the kids or dining in.

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