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storieChild Review

In my storieChild review, I’m excited to introduce you to a brand new & very exciting photo book website! storieChild celebrates your child & helps create beautiful memories to keep & share. This isn’t your average photo book – the storieChild team is made up of artists, writers, developers & story tellers. They have come together to create four beautifully unique storybooks: Baby Book, Futurizer: 9000, Incredible You & Max and Merry. Each type of book has its own style & look. The end result is a book that reads like a story with photos of your family in it!

storieChild review 1

It’s super easy to create your own storieChild book. First, you select which of the four storybooks you would like to make. Then, you answer a few questions about your child or children.  Lastly, you are asked to upload different photos. You can adjust & crop each photo within the storieChild program. Then, a preview comes up on your computer so you can see what the finished book will look like. If you aren’t pleased with anything you can change it before ordering. Here is a page from a storieChild Baby Book.

storieChild Review a

storieChild is a brand new company & at this time they are in pre-sales. There is a $10 gift card offer on at the moment as part of their pre-sales. The storyBuilder I describe above will be live on their website from mid-November 2015. Here are a couple pages from their Max & Merry storybook. As you can see, the illustrations are gorgeous.

storieChild Review b

storieChild Review c

I’m truly honored that storieiChild has given us pre-release access to make a book. We opted to make the Futurizer: 9000 storybook. The concept behind the book is imagining what your children will be like when they grow up. The book accommodates 2 – 5 children, so it was perfect for us! Each child answers a series of questions including a favorite color, an action word & what they’d like to be when they grow up. Next, we were prompted to add different images.

storieChild review 3

Creating the book reminded me of Mad Libs as a kid – where you give answers & everything comes out crazy. For example, our 6-year-old ‘s chosen words were: skateboarding, driving, lions, daring, funny & logger. The story tells us that his skateboarding & driving will keep the daring lions away & that he will be the most funny logger. His face lit up & he had such a laugh when he heard his future predicted.

Our book turned out fabulous. The kids sat & listened to the story that was all about them. The book rhymes & are silly & sweet at the same time. It reminds me a little of Doctor Seus but with my children as the featured story! The kids really enjoyed how their answers were turned into a real book. The book is printed on good quality, thick paper & is a lovely addition to our bedtime story collection.

storieChild review 2

I’m delighted to host a giveaway for storieChild! The winner gets to choose one of the four storybook templates & make their very own pre-release custom storybook!

To enter the competition, choose from the options below. You may choose as many entries as you like. You may send a tweet every day. Good luck!

The giveaway is closed.

Please Note: This competition is open to residents of the U.S. only. This competition closes at midnight GMT on November 3, 2015. The winner will be randomly selected by the Gleam app. The winner will be notified on November 4 via email. To keep up on giveaways & new posts, Like Cuddle Fairy’s Facebook page. CLOSED

Disclosure: I was very kindly treated to our book for review, however, all thoughts & opinions expressed are 100% my own.

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