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Thank You

This post is dedicated to friendship, happiness & gratitude. After a crazy few days I’m reflecting on happiness & the lovely blogger friendships I’ve made.

Thank you to all of the amazing people who joined me in the past two #nocomplaints challenges – 24 hours with no complaint or negative thinking. Our group is growing by the day. I love how everyone supports each other. I’ve also loved reading the posts from other bloggers who took part. I’m delighted that the day was successful for so many of you & that it made a difference to your thinking.

thank you 1

thank you 2

I love these quotes & I think they tie into the #nocomplaints state of mind so well. I can’t always be happy but on days where I make a special effort, it’s always a nicer day for myself & the whole family.

Thank you to my candid cuddlers who join me every Sunday with quotes. I love our interaction & always leave your posts feeling inspired, motivated, happy or moved in some way. A good quote can change the whole day! I really appreciate your kindness & support.

Thank you to everyone who’s linked up with Blogger Club UK. I’m delighted with the positive response my & Clare’s new linky has received.

There has been a lot of craziness in my blog life over the past few days. I’m really grateful for the blogger friends I’ve made & the support you have all given me. THANK YOU so very much to each & every one of you! xx

I’m sharing with  #HappyDiaries |  #CandidCuddles | #LovelyThings

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