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The Mind is Everything

This quote from Buddha says it all. At the end of the day, our mindset really & truly is everything! If we think we will do something or become someone, then we will do it. If instead, we worry about what will happen or think we aren’t good enough to do something, then we won’t do it.

The mind is everything. What you think you become.

What we tell ourselves with our minds is so powerful. It changes our energy & how we view ourselves & the world around us. And what we think becomes our reality.

Way back at Quote of the Week 4 I had a quote about mindset & have written other posts with a similar message because I think taking control of our thoughts is the first step in changing our lives.


A positive mindset brings positive energy & positive things with it. Not just for ourselves, but for others too. Thinking positive, loving thoughts for yourself helps you to be that person in your thoughts. Thinking positive, loving thoughts for others helps them to grow & be that person you think of them too.

We can positively or negatively affect ourselves & others with our thoughts.

There are a few ways to get a jump start on positive thinking. One way is to try the 24 hour no complaints challenge. I did this a few years ago & have done it several times since. Basically, you go 24 hours without complaining. It made me realize how much I complained about things!

By stopping myself from complaining, I then started to stop myself from having the negative thoughts. And from there, my mindset began to change for the better.

Another method that can be done with or without the no complaints challenge, is to take a positivity pledge or create a mantra that you say every day to remind yourself & set your mindset to be positive.


You can use the above or write your own positivity pledge. I’m in the midst of focusing on my thoughts again – keeping them positive, calm & peaceful.

For those of you who joined me in the no complaints challenge earlier in the year, did you find it beneficial? If you haven’t done something like that before, would you like to try to change your mindset?

If anyone is up for another no complaints challenge, let me know & we can organize one for next week! x

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