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Today, let’s release worry & guilt

My mind is always thinking about things. Things from the past I wish I had done different & things from the future – organizing them, worrying about them. Really & truly what is all of the thinking for? I can’t change the past & worry about the future does nothing. So today, let’s release worry & guilt!!

I wrote a couple weeks ago about settling the mind with one simple step. It’s a good way to stop that brain from chattering on & on. I have also been feeling quite overwhelmed by the negative political news that is bombarding social media & the tv at the moment. I’ve found the simple focus on your breathing meditation great for calming my anxious mind.

I think going a step further from the finding calm is properly releasing the worry & the guilt.

I say properly releasing because it’s not an easy one-minute solution. It takes practice & being mindful of your thoughts. Every time that brain starts to worry or stress, take a breath & try that simple step to find your calm place. Take that worry & guilt, bundle it up & kick it away.

Allowing your brain to go on & on with worry or guilt is keeping you away from NOW – the only moment that truly matters. It distracts you from what you can be doing good right now.

quote live in the only moment of time we have control

Of course, we learn from the past. It’d be foolish not to. So do take lessons from past experiences but then move forward. Think positive about the future, set goals & enjoy each moment of this precious life that we have.

As parents, it’s easy to be so caught up in planning or thinking about things that we don’t fully engage with our children. We end up missing out on planning properly & we miss out on the precious moments with our kids. The most important moment, always, is now.

the present moment quote

Realizing the importance of now & by using the simple focus on breathing meditation, I have been able to start pushing worry & guilt out of my mind. Like I said, it’s an ongoing, conscious process. But I feel much lighter & more positive. I hope you will feel the same. x

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