Today, let’s release worry & guilt

My mind is always thinking about things. Things from the past I wish I had done different & things from the future – organizing them, worrying about them. Really & truly what is all of the thinking for? I can’t change the past & worry about the future does nothing. So today, let’s release worry & guilt!!

I wrote a couple weeks ago about settling the mind with one simple step. It’s a good way to stop that brain from chattering on & on. I have also been feeling quite overwhelmed by the negative political news that is bombarding social media & the tv at the moment. I’ve found the simple focus on your breathing meditation great for calming my anxious mind.

I think going a step further from the finding calm is properly releasing the worry & the guilt.

I say properly releasing because it’s not an easy one-minute solution. It takes practice & being mindful of your thoughts. Every time that brain starts to worry or stress, take a breath & try that simple step to find your calm place. Take that worry & guilt, bundle it up & kick it away.