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What football equipment do you need for a youth team?

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Coaching a youth football team is such a rewarding experience and it's an amazing contribution to your local community. Coaches dedicate their time and efforts to support a young team's development and success.

Besides time, coaches need to have gear bags and equipment for the children to use both at training sessions and at matches. Some items children are responsible for purchasing and looking after. And other items the coach and club are responsible for purchasing and having with them at training and matches. Read on for a list of football equipment you and your players need for a youth team.

Items Each Child Needs to Have

This is the list of items that each child on the team will need to have and look after themselves. They will bring these items to and from training and matches, wash them and purchase them.

Training Clothes - Any shorts and a t-shirt will do the job for training. Most teams aren't particular with the colours worn at training sessions so the child can choose for themself.

Match Shorts - Most teams have the child come to the match wearing the correctly coloured shorts to match the team's colours. This makes it easier on match day, the kids only need to change their shirt, not their shorts or socks.

Soccer Boots - Again this is a personal preference for the child in terms of the style of boot they like. Some pitches and leagues will limit boots to plastic studs only, so check what your local regulations are in terms of metal vs plastic studs so you can advise your players.

Shin Guards - Shin guards are an essential part of the equipment that each child will purchase and bring to both training and matches. It can be hard for kids to remember the shin guards, so sending reminder texts can help.

Soccer Socks - Kids will need socks for training and for matches. For matches, it is important that the socks match the club colours.

Water Bottle - It's good for kids to have their own water with them for both training and matches, for health and for hygiene purposes as well.

Sports Goggles - If any child wears prescription glasses, they will need to invest in sports goggles to wear at training and matches. It is against regulation to play in glasses, as it is a potential danger if the child was to get hit with the ball in the face.

Items the Coach Needs to Have

Next up are the items that the coach/club needs to have organised and brought to matches and training for the children to use.

Gear Bags - With everything that the coach needs to bring around, a gear bag or two is really useful. One bag can be used to hold the jerseys, another for various items and a large bag for the balls.

Uniforms/Jersey - Most clubs have jerseys for the kids to wear that the club purchases or has a sponsor who buys them. The coach will bring the clean jerseys to matches for the children to change into after warming up.

Goalie Gloves & Hat - Even if your goalie has their own gloves, it's a good idea to have spare gloves in the kit bag and a hat in case the sun is in the goalie's eyes.

Balls - You really can't have too many balls. They tend to go missing and for training, it is useful to have plenty of them to do various skill practises.

Practise Goals - If you are training somewhere that isn't the main pitch, you can use small training goals for the children to practise with. Make sure to get one with the best football nets so it lasts a long time.

Water Bottles - While the kids should bring their own, it is no harm to have some team water bottles filled for those who forget to bring their water.

Medical Bag - This is a critical bag for the coach to always have with him. You can buy bags that are preloaded with supplies that you might need. Things from bandages to eye wash and sprays for pain.

Bibs - Bibs are useful during training so you can divide the children into different teams for practice matches.

Cones - Cones are useful for training as well to mark out small pitches or shapes for drills and training exercises.

I hope this list will help you get the equipment needed to train your youth football team. Best of luck with your team and happy coaching!!

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The kids to use throughout practices and dordle games. There are some things that kids have to buy and take care of on their own.

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