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Wolford Layla Capri Leggings

I adore my new Wolford Layla Capri leggings. I’m so impressed with them! I’ve always been a big fan of leggings because they are dressy while being comfortable & easy to wear.  The Layla Capris are just fabulous as they are comfortable, very well made and stay in place for the whole day!

Wolford is a luxury fashion brand that specializes in leg wear, leggings, hosiery, tights, underwear, lingerie, pantyhose & shapewear. The company sells its products worldwide. You can shop their online store.

I was delighted when Wolford contacted me about a collaboration so I could try their fabulous capris! I have two issues with leggings I’ve owned in the past. First, they get loose during the day and the crotch starts to hang down. And the waist keeps going lower than it should. So, I end up doing a leggings adjustment dance to get them pulled back into place. As the day goes on, it happens more frequently.  Second, when I sit down, sometimes I can see my skin through the leggings, as the material is too thin.

The Wolford Layla Capris don’t have either of these issues. I wore them all day long and never adjusted them once! They are high waisted – the waistband sits at my true waist. It’s ideal for me because they don’t cut into my belly (which is squidgy after having 3 babies). I never did the leggings adjustment dance once! Woohoo!  The material is soft, comfortable and has a lovely shine to it. And, it’s thick enough that I didn’t see my skin through it. It’s a nice, dark black colour.

The packaging exudes luxury as well. The leggings were wrapped in lovely tissue paper and there’s a care note with thanks attached.

I’m collaborating with Wolford with items from their summer collection, so stay tuned for another post! Yipee!

Disclosure: I received the leggings for purposes of this writing this post. All views & opinions are my own.

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