2016 Stats – Did I reach my goals?

I had fun reading over my blog stats 2015 post. It’s like going back in time! And it’s fun to see how much Cuddle Fairy has grown in a year! In January 2015 I had been blogging for 9 months. Now, Cuddle Fairy is approaching her second birthday!

A lot has happened in 2016! It was a really great year for Cuddle Fairy. I started to work with brands on some amazing collaborations. Cuddle Fairy had over 188k views all over the world! I grew my YouTube channel & faced my fear of talking to the camera (even though I still don’t like to do it). And grew my overall following to over 33k!!

Fun Stats from 2016

The three top commenters on Cuddle Fairy in 2016 were JakiJellz, My Random Musings & Beauty, Baby & Me. Thanks so much for the comment love, ladies