January 2016 at a Glance

Instead of writing my week at a glance posts this year I am going to write monthly round up posts instead. My January 2016 at a Glance was busy, fast & windy! It was full of storms & crazy amounts of rain. The wild weather brought some amazing rainbows & beautifully colored skies!

January 2016 at a Glance 5

We managed to get outside for adventures when the weather allowed. I love the cold, crisp weather when you get bundled up with your hat & coat.

January 2016 at a Glance 2

January 2016 at a Glance 3

The month started with taking down Christmas decorations. I detest that job – first because it’s sad to have Christmas over. Second, because it takes forever & is really not fun! The house looked so bare without the Christmas decorations out & before I put back the usual ornaments.

I did a lot of baking over Christmas & have posted a good few new recipes on Cuddle Fairy.

January 2016 at a Glance 4

Big news for our little lady who moved into her big girl bed this month. We went shopping & she picked out her own bedding, gorgeous duvet cover & a new butterfly pillow. Her brothers moved into a bunk bed & she inherited this white bed.

girls bedroom ideas 5

Along with the big girl bed has come toilet training for our youngest. She will be 3 in a couple of weeks & is doing an amazing job, this time around. We had a failed attempt at training back in May. I wrote a post about my toilet training tips & it’s done really well.

I’ve gotten a lot of shares & comments on it. The nicest thing to hear is that it’s helped people feel positive about waiting to toilet train. There is a lot of stress to train at an early age. It’s nearly a competition among parents but if a child isn’t ready it just isn’t’ going to work out for anyone.

Our daughter had a hip check up in Crumlin Children’s Hospital in Dublin. She was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 4 months old & we take regular trips to Crumlin. If you missed the post, you can read more about it here – Our Days in Crumlin Children’s Hospital. For a treat after the long day & before the train ride home, she gets to pick something out from the shop. She went for a lovely sticker book.

Our Days at Crumlin Children's Hospital 2

The boys are doing great. They are back to the routine at school & enjoying indoor soccer. They are proud of their little sister who isn’t a baby anymore! It’s making me realize how very fast the time goes by.

On the blog front, January has been my all-time best month for views. My most popular posts were:

I’ve started a new linky with one of my favorite bloggers, Clare at Mudpie Fridays. We had 69 amazing posts linked up for our first week. I was blown away by the support we received for our Blogger Club UK linky.

january 2016 at a glance 9

I’ve also started a new Facebook group for bloggers along with Clare, Laura from Life with Baby Kicks & Debbie from My Random Musings. The group is open to all bloggers & will have daily share threads to help share each other’s content. You can join the Blogger Club UK Facebook Group by following the link & selecting “join”.

I’m excited to announce that Cuddle Fairy has her first intern! I know, you are so jealous reading this. Meet Thomas! If you are a regular reader you might recognize Tom as a great friend of mine. He’s in college studying marketing & social media. He’s chosen to intern at Cuddle Fairy for his latest project. I’m delighted to have him & have put him straight to work. The photo is taken from Cuddle Fairy’s snapchat – cuddlefairy1.You can learn more in my interview with Thomas.

january 2016 at a glance 7

I’ve had a lot of fun on Twitter this month. I’ve run a couple #nocomplaints challenges where we spend 24 hours without any complaints or negative thoughts. There are over 40 people on the #nocomplaints tweet list & growing every day. It’s such an amazing, positive experience. Read about my day of positivity to hear more. If you’d like to take part in the next challenge, leave your Twitter handle in the comments or tweet me @CuddleFairy.

january 2016 at a glance 10

I was sent this lovely serum to try from Alon Labs. It’s called Rewind as it fights the signs of aging such as inflammation, wrinkles & sun damage. It’s really lovely to apply & I love that it’s made from natural ingredients. I’m really excited to see if it can make my skin even-toned & more vibrant looking.

january 2016 at a glance 15

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