My Week at a Glance 20

Welcome to my week at a glance 20. We had an absolutely fabulous week!

Last weekend we stayed in Galway & thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Highlights include visiting the aquarium & the Oyster Festival, the lovely kids club at the Connacht Hotel & the ITWBN Blogger event at Glenlo Abbey. I give all the scoop in our weekend in Galway post.

my week at a glance 20

Photos from right to left: Galway Aquarium. Eating my first oyster at the Galway Oyster Festival. A Galway Hooker in Galway Bay beside the oyster festival marquee. Our daughter having the best time in the Connacht Hotel kids club (they had lots of dollies). Some of the gorgeous treats at the ITWBN event. My winning selfie at Glenlo Abbey! I was delighted to win best selfie at the ITWBN event! Woohoo!

Home life & blog life combined this week into a really amazing time away – it was the perfect mixture of outdoor fun, aquarium, being spoiled for two nights away & a glamorous blogger event. It hasn’t been easy to settle back into the school routine. We were all a bit sleepy Monday & Tuesday mornings but are back into the swing of things now.

This weekend I’m looking forward to a night out with a great friend of mine! I know, I’m really living it up lately lol How was your week? x

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