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Our 12 Week Positivity Focus Summary

I have really enjoyed the 12-week positivity focus series! I hope you did too. I’d love to get your feedback in the comments below or feel free to send me an email. If you are just finding this now, welcome! You can go through and follow the 12 focus topics yourself. Feel free to take as long as you need on each topic before moving onto the next one.

You will find our 12-week positivity focus points below with an excerpt from each blog post and a link to the full article. I hope you find this useful and as always thanks so much for stopping by my blog. xx

Week 1 – You are More than Just your Body

You are more than what your body looks like and what your body can do. You are so much more than a body.

Everyone has their own beliefs about the unseen and spirituality. So I’ve been hesitant to put my own thoughts out there on Cuddle Fairy as to not offend anyone. But when it comes to having a positive mindset, for me, the ultimate base for positivity is the knowledge that I am more than my thoughts, body & emotions. That I am a speck of light or a spirit or a soul, however, you want to think of it. That I am something separate from my body, and that something is beautiful and special.

By identifying myself with my light within rather than my thoughts, emotions or body, I realize that I can change these things. I am not defined by my thoughts and emotions. They don’t make me who I am. They are things that I can change. READ MORE

Week 2 – Love Yourself First


To love ourselves sometimes we have to strip away current thoughts about ourselves that we have acquired over our life. Thoughts that we don’t look good or certain aspects of our bodies don’t look nice. Or that we aren’t clever enough, didn’t achieve enough success and so on.

The only person that can stop you from mentally putting yourself down is YOU. You have to make the choice to think positively about yourself and to love yourself! Because you deserve your love as much as anyone else does. READ MORE

Week 3 – The Healing Power of Nature

Feel connected to nature and know that you are a part of nature. Part of something much bigger than you, a part of one beautiful whole. And see the beauty around you. A day with pouring rain is a beautiful day, a day with bright sunshine is a beautiful day, a day with heavy snow is a beautiful day. Every day is a beautiful day. READ MORE

Week 4 – Stay Focused on the Present Moment

Take control of your thoughts. You get to decide what path your thoughts take you down. Don’t let them go off into the wilderness, into hurt or fear. Stop those thoughts in their tracks and instead focus on the present moment, what is going on at that time.

Besides the brain running off like a wild stallion in all directions, sometimes we suffer from feeling like the best is yet to come. That if something happens in the future then we will be happy. That if this or that occurs then things will be good. The pursuit of happiness is the worst thing to ever happen to happiness. READ MORE

Week 5 – Embrace the Moment like you Chose it

This week’s add-on theme is about keeping your personal power in every moment so you don’t feel out of control or fearful. Sometimes we get busy days where things just don’t go smoothly. And we can start to feel nervous, anxious or fearful in the process. The single events of the day can feel like they are accumulating into one big stress ball.

This week is about keeping your power and calm, moment by moment and not allowing that accumulating feeling to happen. READ MORE

Week 6 – Forgive and Release

I think most of us are holding onto some upset with a person or situation from our past. The initial harm came from an external source or person. But by holding onto the upset or anger, we continue to hurt ourselves. The person or situation that caused the harm isn’t suffering from it, we are! How crazy is that?

It doesn’t do us any good to hold onto the anger – what is it achieving? It is not teaching the other person a lesson. It’s causing us to feel bad. So what good is it?? It’s not good – no good comes from it! Release yourself from prison. READ MORE

Week 7 – What Others Think about you is None of your Business


his is a true revelation my friends. Just think about this. Think about how much time we waste wondering if others approve of what we do, what we wear, what we say, how we look. Wondering what people think about us – do they like me? Did I annoy them? Should I do something just to please them even though I don’t’ want to?

Each of us has our own minds and we can think as we want to think. It’s up to us how we think inside our own head and it is no one else’s business what we think.

So the same goes for what others are thinking – it’s none of our business what they are thinking. So let’s stop analyzing, worrying or judging what we think others are thinking. And just focus on our character, on being who we want to be. READ MORE

Week 8 – Happiness Comes from Within

Happiness is an inside job. Don't assign anyone else that much power over your life

The media likes to sell us the idea of the perfect couple, the ideal partners who make each other happy. And that we gain happiness from external things like a fab new car or jewellery or something shiny.

Well, that’s not true. It’s a way of selling to us. Sure a person or new toy might make us feel good or excited but this feeling is short-lived. And it’s not happiness. This is excitement or joy. Which is nice don’t get me wrong but a relationship or material items aren’t going to bring us happiness.

Happiness comes from within us, from contentment with yourself. Happiness comes from how we feel within. READ MORE

Week 9 – Spread Kindness

This week’s theme is short and sweet. It’s something I’d like you to think about each day and that is – to spread kindness. That’s it! Each day this week, simply keep kindness on the front of your mind & show kindness to others.

Kindness is a beautiful thing. Let’s count the ways… READ MORE

Week 10 – Self Care – Don’t forget about You

Some of us feel like it’s selfish to take care of yourself. Or that we simply don’t’ have the time to do it… myself included here. So if you need a reason other than self-love to care for yourself, then how about it’s better for everyone around you??

If you are depleted then you have nothing to give to others! Self-care is not selfish, you cannot serve from an empty vessel. READ MORE

Week 11 – Gratefulness Makes Us Happy

Oftentimes people think If I had this new item, then I’d be happy. If I had a husband, then I’d be happy. If I got this job promotion, then I’d be happy. And if I was happy, then I’d be grateful for the blessings in my life.

I’ll be honest, that’s how I used to think too! Until I had an eye-opening moment – that happiness doesn’t bring us gratitude. It is the other way around! If we are grateful for what we have now, then that brings us happiness.

You focus on gratitude when you are glad for things in your life like food, a warm bed, good health, friends, etc. And when we are feeling grateful for all of these lovely blessings, then we feel happy. And happiness brings more happiness and peace of mind. READ MORE

Week 12 – Your Mindset is Everything

law of attraction

When I think back over the past 12 weeks and what we have focused on, like concepts of gratitude, self-care and spreading kindness, there is one string that binds every concept together and that is this – your mindset is everything. And I really mean everything.

When we are in a negative headspace we are down on ourselves, thinking critically of how we look, what we say and even where we work. And we view the world around us with this cloud of negative thinking. Things are difficult, we struggle. That negative cloud attracts more negative to us and our perception of the world as being difficult for us gets validated. READ MORE

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