The best places to eat in old town Marbella

Choosing the best places to eat in old town Marbella is really tough because there are so many amazing restaurants to try! The streets are covered in restaurants with a big range of foods. Obviously, we didn’t get to try every restaurant but we did eat at a good few of them as we ate out for lunch & dinner every day for the week we spent in Marbella.

I checked Trip Advisor for most of our choices & it directed us right in most cases. There were only a couple of places we ate that I didn’t enjoy either the food or service. I’m not going to mention those places – I’ll just share my absolute favorite places that I’d go back to if we return to Marbella again some day.

There are some Michelin star restaurants in the old town but they didn’t rank as well on Trip Advisor as many of the restaurants we ate at. Most restaurants don’t provide pric