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My Week at a Glance 19

Welcome to my Week at a Glance 19. Again, the week has flown by. With school back in full swing & the daily routine that comes with it, the days go by way too fast.

On the Home Front:

The back to school germs have landed & everyone was sick. The boys were home from school for a couple of days. Because of that we haven’t gotten up to anything exciting as a family.

However, I had a mommy’s night out on Saturday with my besties who I haven’t seen in a couple of months. The summer flew by & there was so much going on with the kiddies that we never got together. I wore a loose, silky dress with black tights & black heels.

my week at a glance  19

It was such a fun night. We went out to dinner then hit the town for a few drinks, some dancing & a lot of laughs. It’s been years since I’ve gone into a night club. I think it was before my third pregnancy! Nothing has changed – same crowded conditions, drink spilled on you & people pushing to get up to the bar. But all well worth it for the dancing & laughs we had & the memories that we made!

my week at a glance 19 a

On the Blog Front:

I wrote a post about our daughter’s language explosion! She is doing so well & as a result she is happily playing with her brothers & expressing what she wants which has made her more calm & happy.

I reviewed the Baby Sleep Site which is an amazing resource for tired parents. I read their toddler sleep book & perused the resources in the members area. I have a lovely giveaway if you haven’t seen it yet – you can win a $25 Amazon gift card & a copy of the toddler sleep book.

Yesterday, I published Eating Out With a Toddler – read some tips for enjoying your meal out!

How was your week? Any exciting weekend plans?

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